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About Kelly Sutton

Kelly Sutton is a software engineer at in New York City. During his days at Loyola Marymount University, he founded HackCollege. He earned degrees in film production and computer science (and took a fifth year). 

Kelly started HackCollege in August of 2006. While in school, Kelly was involved in Crimson Circle, a service organization at LMU; played on Laser Squad Bravo, the campus improv team; ran the underground media outlet, Fuck Yeah LMU; and taught LMU's first Web video class and held odd jobs around campus throughout his tenure. 

Kelly held some pretty awesome internships throughout college at Automatic Duck, Revision3 and

He is quite the weird guy. He sold all of his possessions through his site, Cult of Less. The world apparently cared, along with the BBC, NBC Nightly News, CBC and Der Spiegel.

Kelly is also a founder of LayerVault, a simple version control service for designers.

Kelly has spoken at a few conferences including South by Southwest140conf and Trandmediale. Although he finds the word dirty, Kelly has consulted for many projects including TakePart, a subsidiary of Participant Media (An Inconvenient Truth, The Cove, Syriana) and Capture Your Flag. He has also published his very own guide to Berlin.

Kelly is @KellySutton on Twitter.

Kelly can be reached at