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Download It!: FoxTorrent (Win, Mac, Ubuntu)

An extension for Firefox, FoxTorrent is a very, very practical BitTorrent client --working right within your browser.

The open source FoxTorrent Firefox extension that lets you stream torrents as they download, from your web browser, with zero configuration needed.

I've been using it for about a week, and my only complaint is that you can't choose the download folder (currently, it's set to download files into the FoxTorrent folder, rather than whatever you set Firefox's default download folder to be). Other than that, I love it.

So, in the key of Fergie, I urge you all to check it out!

[Edit] And I hear is a good place to start. [/Edit]


Blogging Live from Home About Coachella: 7:21pm

I drove home this morning, after being privilege to a severe cranial reorganization by LCD Soundsystem. 4/28/07 Sahara Tent: Never Forget. I decided against trying to scalp a ticket and waste a day's worth of valuable study/writing time. Finals week already has me down.


I did come away with some pretty sweet pictures though, as evidenced by this one. I also captured some (in my opinion amazing) video with my suitemate's Sony DSC-T5. As you can tell from the video, it captured it at a pretty good video and great audio quality for a measly point-and-shoot.

My Coachella 2007 Flickr Photo Set

Online Videos by


How To: Open/Watch 99% of All Videos (Win)

As I was sending a friend of mine a video today of her actions last night, she was unable to open it. This is a problem. So, here is the solution:

1. Get the K-Lite Codec Pack 3.01 FULL. Codecs are the things that decode a media stream, so that you can play it on your computer. And with all the video formats available (like .avi, .mpg, .wmv, etc...), it's crucial to have a good pack of codecs available. So this is the one I recommend.

2. Be sure you have the latest version of Media Player Classic. If you're not sure which to download, be a lemming and follow the group (aka, download the one with the highest number of downloads!).


3. Restart your computer. Then, open the file with Media Player Classic. Or you can also open Media Player Classic and then open the file. Whichever, whatever.

So, with those three steps, you should be able to open and play practically every video you download via p2p software and every video anyone sends you from their digital camera. Of course, you could always create a YouTube account and upload it there, but if it's a "delicate" video, that could cause more problems.

And @Kelly: Take video!


Blogging Live from Coachella: 9:57pm

Dear God. I completely lost control during Arcade Fire's "Power Out." The entire set alone was worth the $100+ for today's ticket. In this Internet tent, they've got their performance playing from about an hour ago. The reminiscence is incapacitating. I guess that's what the Coachella DVD is supposed to cure.

The Decemberists delivered a mediocre set.

RHCP is on right now, being very lame and annoying. This week's Onion called RHCP "the worst band of all time." I am inclined to agree. They are and sound like the epitome of corporate megalomania and inability to let go.

My friend Katie and I are off to the Sahara tent for LCD Soundsystem then the Rapture, while possible heading over to the main stage to check out Tiesto.

Signing out for now.


Blogging Live from Coachella: 5:30pm

Regina Spektor is amazing. Fountains of Wayne made my ears bleed. DJ Steve Aoki is more than a-okay.

I met up with a friend of mine, Katie, and she has a backstage pass for the main stage (!!!!!!!). With any luck, I'll be able to sneak back before Arcade Fire takes to the stage.

I'd really like it if these laptops had an SD card slot so I could dump and upload some of these great pictures.

If you're following along, check out ATT Blue Room from Coachella. It will make you feel like wish you were here.


Blogging Live from Coachella: 1:25pm

What I'm doing right now is overrated, but I'm doing it nonetheless. I arrived in Indio today at about 12 and got onto the fairgrounds at about 12:30pm. I just missed the opening acts.

Coachella has this big tent with laptops + WiFi for anyone to use. So I'm doing what I usually do, write posts.

Off to the festival, hopefully I don't get burnt. Off to Phraroahe Monch (sp) There will be plenty of pictures tomorrow.


Coachella Prep

A few months ago, we wrote a post or two about music festivals and their relative awesomeness. Well, tomorrow is the day I take off for Coachella (the weekend before finals at LMU). I'm making a list of essentials, although if you're going to Sasquatch! you may want to bring an umbrella and down jacket. Here are a few things I'm bringing with me or will be picking up along the way:


  • Water. Two gallons of it. I sure as hell am not paying $7 for 12 ounces.

  • Sunscreen. Tanning comes easily to me, but skin cancer does not.

  • Digital Camera. I like bragging.

  • Ass-crazy outfit.

  • Sunglasses.

  • One hundred dollars. Pimping is not easy.

  • A good night's rest. Dancing takes energy.

  • Headband. I have to fit in.

  • Questioning why I decided to write this.

  • Tickets.

  • Set Times.

Did I forget anything? Oh wait, I can't hear you, I'm listening to Arcade Fire, RHCP, the Rapture, LCD Soundsystem, Steve Aoki, !!!, Sparklehorse, Girl Talk, Andrew Bird, Pharoahe Monch, Regina Spektor, Kings of Leon, the Decemberists, and Tiesto. Sorry.


HowTo: Sound Sophisticated

Digg is stealing away our job!

Here's a great find from the front page of digg that is sometimes a little too true. The post is aimed at guys, but it's a good read for both sexes.

I do believe it is time for tea: The Complete Guide to Faking Sophistication []