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Entries from November 1, 2008 - November 30, 2008


Have You Ever Blacked Out? - College 101

In this week's College 101 Kelly asks, "Have you ever blacked out?" The answers may surprise you. Take a look!


UK TV Licensing - This Week's Comment Roundup

This week we'd like to highlight ruighean's comment on the post Saving Money on TV License over at the new His comment reads:

Taken from

"You must be covered by a valid TV Licence if you watch or record television programmes as they're being shown on TV. It makes no difference what equipment you use - whether it’s a laptop, PC, mobile phone, digital box, DVD recorder or a TV set - you still need a licence.

You do not need a TV Licence to view video clips on the internet, as long as what you are viewing is not being shown on TV at the same time as you are viewing it."

There was a small dispute in the comment thread over whether or not a TV licensing fee was required if you solely watch your content online. ruighean cleared up the air for all of us. Thanks!

Nov262008 is Now Live!

As of this second, is now officially live! launches with the goal to better target our sizeable UK audience.

After attending the Future of Web Apps in London last October and talking to the several HackCollege fans I ran into, my naive self quickly learned that college life in the UK and in Europe is much different than in the United States. I had several conversations with fellow British students and with Sam Hockham and Robert Wolf in particular.

These two guys are great. They are both second-year CS majors at the Cardiff University. After sitting down for coffee in the ExCel centre for about 2 hours, we decided that makes sense.

English students generally don't have to worry about student loans and university costs. The drinking age is 18 in most places in Europe; bars don't need any hacking. These are two of the many differences between American and British university life.

Thus, we're launching We think it makes sense. Check it out and let us know what you think!


Pack Everything into One Suitcase without Wrinkles

Today, Chris shows you how to fit everything into one bag before you experience traveling hell today or tomorrow while flying home for Thanksgiving. Take a look!


HP is Giving Us More Stuff to Give to You

As of a few minutes ago, HP launched their new online campaign called the HP Blogger Magic Giveaway. We're super-psyched that they chose to continue to work with us.

Stay tuned over this holiday break for more details. If you thought the last prize pacakge was amazing, you should reinforce your cranium because your brain is going to explode.

This time around there are also 49 other blogs out there that are giving away the same prize package. I feel bad for the people that will have to clean up this mess of brain.

And I don't want to brag, but HackCollege is featured first on landing page. Schwing!


Pack for a Blackout Thanksgiving - HackCollege Season 2 Episode 7

Just in time for turkey day. Save your mom the ironing job by packing your clothes in a way that prevents wrinkles. Then, scare the crap out of her by telling her that the average college student has had a black-out before. Plus, Kelly and Chris discuss how the government is buying $6.5 billion in student loans.Topics this week:

Sponsors this week:


HackCollege Wallpapers Now Available

If you're looking to show some extra HackCollege love, head on over to our brand new HackCollege Wallpapers page and download one for yourself! Let us know if there are any other sizes that you would like!


This Week's Comment Roundup: Twitter in Schools?

This week we want to highlight Kacy's comment on Twitter use in college. He or she wrote:

I'm a student at UNC, so I can't predict how other universities will trend. I can say, however, that Twitter will never grow popular here. I have several hundred Facebook friends, most of which post to their status more than once a day. Facebook will remain dominant here for a *long* time. I have a twitter account, but only have about 10 IRL friends as Twitter followers. Most of my followers are internet friends. Hope my feedback helps!

I am finding the same things in my daily use of Twitter and Facebook. I've got my Twitter account plugged into my Facebook, and more people will respond to a status message in Facebook than on Twitter. Also, the conversation threading is quite nice. We chose Kacy this morning because his or her inklings mirror our own.

Also, big thanks to some fellow students at Boston University for creating this video response to our College 101. Check it out!