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Caffeine: Where's It At?

After reading Kelly's post about the sensation that is the Caffeine Slingshot,

1. Drink your caffeinated beverage of choice.
2. Take a 15 minute nap.

I decided to do a little digging and find out which energy drink or coffee packs the biggest punch. And boy do I have results. Let's take a look at Energy Fiend's Caffeine Database (which also has links and reviews).

To sum it up here, though, it appears that Starbucks Grande Coffee (372mg) has the most caffeine in it, but Starbucks Tall Coffee (279mg) is certainly not far behind.

But, if you're like me and are not a coffee drinker, you might want to check out Rockst*r Zero Carb (360mg), Wired X294 (294mg), and (if it's sold in your area) Cocaine Energy Drink (280mg).

Switching the table up to see which drink packs the most mg/oz, SkyRocket Caffeinated Syrup comes up, as do Powershot and Upshot.

For me, though, I just recently bought a case of Monster, so I'll probably stick with it before I go out trying all these new ones.

So, as always: Please drink responsibly.


Money CAN Buy Friends

A "friend" recommended me this site earlier today. They said I should try to look more popular by having people write posts on my wall, specifically hot females.

I asked my friend, "How on Earth would I go about doing that? I don't talk to girls!" He then pointed me to FakeYourSpace.

With FakeYourSpace, you can buy hot friends! You choose them and then they will post on your Facebook wall twice a week. And it's only $1 a month! Why hadn't I known about this sooner? I'm going to be so popular!

Buy some friends: FakeYourSpace


Questions? Comments? Submissions?

To conserve space on our "front page" and because this is a permanent article, we've moved it to a page in the sidebar.


How To: Send Music From Your Ipod to Your Computer

Yep, my roommate has an Ipod. My friend Lindsay just got one for her birthday. And now my friend Lauren asks, "How can I put my Ipod music back on my computer after you (she's referring to me here, haha) reformatted it?"

Well, some say that Zune is the Ipod killer... But I won't go into that right now.

So for how to send your Ipod music to your computer, WikiHow tells all:

1. Disable the "automatically update" option in Itunes. If theres nothing in itunes, you soon will have nothing on your ipod.
2. Plug your ipod into your computer
3. Go to or just and search PodUtil
4. Search for PodUtil and download.
5. Start PodUtil and transfer songs by checking them off and clicking SCAN on the bottom right side.

And be sure to re-read Step 1!! That's so important!

So apparently, this PodUtil will work to send your own Ipod songs to your own computer, but you could also use it to rip another's Ipod music to your computer, too. How useful!

But, if you're not a friend of using third-party applications to do all your dirty work and would like longer instructions, you can check out MP3Buzz's quest to own your music, too.


So Many Phone Numbers: Keeping it Real

To go off Kelly's last post about keeping track of your minutes, I'd like to introduce 2 ways you can "screen" your calls --should you be like me and rather phone-phobic. I know I'm not the only one.

Or you might be the Don Juan who gets asked for their number a lot when out at the bars/clubs. Again, I know I'm not the only one.

Let me introduce AIM Phoneline and GrandCentral.

According to AIM Phoneline, it works best for privacy, dating, starting a career, socializing online (bloggers!), and even buying and selling online:

"Sometimes I don't want to give out my home or mobile number."
"I met someone in a club. Wasn't sure if I wanted to give out my home or mobile number."
"I'm a college senior. I don't want my crazy roommate to answer calls from recruiters."
"I want to make it easy for people to contact me on my blog."
"I buy and sell stuff online. I don't want to list my home or mobile number on online classifieds."
... "I give out my AIM Phoneline number."

Oh, those testimonials sound cute. But it is pretty nice. How it works is, you get a free telephone number in any area code, and you can associate it with as many AIM names as you would like. When you get a call, it will route it to your AIM ScreenName, and you can choose to accept the call (with CallerID) or send it to Voicemail. Both are unlimited. And I know you're low on cash.

But, for those of us who aren't so keen on AIM Triton (I, personally, am not a huge fan), GrandCentral is also great. It also lets you choose the area code and phone number, and it also gives you unlimited inbound calls. Instead of forwarding to your AIM, it will forward to 3 numbers of your choice --your cell, your home, your whatever. Instead of having to give out all 3 numbers all the time, you can give out just 1, and when you receive a call:

First, we'll tell you who's on the line ('Call from Ted Baker'). Then, we'll present you with four ways to handle the call:

1) accept it,
2) send it to voicemail,
3) ListenInTM on the voicemail, or
4) accept and record the call

Again, it sounds sweet. I just signed up today. And I just might post the number soon...


Money and Bills: Keep Tabs on Your Cellphone Use

Unless you are fortunate enough to have your parents pay your cell phone bill (pansy), keeping track of your minutes used can be a pain.

It's pretty difficult to find how many you have used, unless you know a special keystroke with a proper keycode as long as your phone has been granted the proper security access and is transmitting from a safe location. Well, maybe it's not that hard. But there are cool Firefox extensions that makes it easier.

After some digging, I found Firefox extensions for the three largest cell carriers: Verizon, Cingular, and T-Mobile. These extensions just sit in the bottom right corner of your Firefox window and keep a running tally of your total minutes used. Quite nice if you ask me.

Save yourself some money:

Verizon Minutes Used Extension
Cingular Minutes Used Extension
T-Mobile Minutes Used Extension


Holiday Nonsense: Addicting Games

Well, the break is almost over, but there's still plenty of time to kill before classes resume for one more quick bout.

Last night, my some of my "homies" (i.e., friends from back home) showed me some hilarious online flash games. Usually we don't post flash games on HackCollege, but it's the vacation. And we're bored. And you are too. Unless you're staring at our Facebook profiles.

Take a look at these two time-consuming (yet arousing and nerdly) games:

Swords and Sandals
Tactics Arena Online


Biking To/From Class: Its Effects?

I'm a 22-year-old female, and I love to ride my bike to/from class; I no longer arrive late! But, true, most walk around just fine (here at Yale), and some even skateboard (so hot!). So... After reading about how biking might reduce sensitivity "down there", I might be asking for a skateboard this Christmas.

(I'm a little unsure of the demographics for this site, but I figured this information should be shared, nonetheless)